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5 Reasons to hire an agency

August 19, 2021 | Addison Irish & Anne Chanski

By now, if you haven’t heard about “The Great Resignation,” you aren’t paying attention. 

 The short version: in light of the past year and a half, people are realizing that there is more to life than 60-hour work weeks, white-walled offices, and under-compensation. The result? Employees are walking away from jobs that are not accommodating their new desires—they’re saying adios to corporate and hello to comfort. 

At Symposia, none of these concepts are new, and many of our team members joined within the last year, attracted by these values.  Over the next few weeks we will be exploring what the Great Resignation means for marketing and you. Follow along here and on TikTok at @themarketingintern.

Why Hire an Agency

Your marketing team member just quit.  Or maybe you woke up and realized you need someone to “do”  your marketing.  Now what?  You could post a job description, go through dozens of resumes, hours of interviews, and hope the new person you just hired can do everything you need. 

You could also hire an agency.  

Are we biased? Sure, but we promise to share the other side of the argument next week.  So stick around. So here are the reasons you might be talking to us: 

You need a specialist. 

If you think about your marketing ecosystem as a house there are things you just don’t do yourself unless you have specific training or expertise.  You may change the filter on your furnace, but you aren’t replacing your own freon in your air conditioner (at least we aren’t).

Working with an agency gives you access to specialists who can code for dark mode, optimize your Google Ad campaigns, and can generate, proof, and post the blogs you’ve had on the whiteboard for the last 3 months. Hiring an agency gives you access to multiple experts for the cost of one employee or less. 

You need flexibility.

Going back to your house.  Seasonal work is real.  Hiring a landscaping company in January in Michigan makes zero sense.  Marketing for your organization is similar. 

Some months you will be generating the content, some months managing email automation follow up from trade shows, and some months you will be launching new products, and so on. 

For the same reason you love that your agency has multiple kinds of expertise, you will love that your agency is there when you need them for the type of work you need in that season.  

You need an outside perspective.

Every team needs a coach. Every coach needs a mentor. It’s easy to get bogged down in daily mundane tasks, which means your nose may be too close to the page to allow you to do the high-level thinking that ought to take place to anchor a business. 

Hiring an agency allows a fresh set of eyes to see the picture from a new perspective, which leads to novel strategies, creative thinking, and increased productivity. 

You need excess capacity.

Does your team have time to think? Capacity is always changing, especially with employees leaving, job descriptions changing, and office spaces becoming living room couches. By hiring an agency, you ensure a constant presence, despite the internal shifting capacity. Outsourcing some work will give your employees an opportunity to breathe, perhaps even become bored. But, did you know that boredom leads to some of the greatest ideas?  Science supports it, and we approve it. Give your employees a chance to be great by hiring an agency.  

You have no idea what you need. 

There is an implicit commitment in hiring an employee.  As an Agency, we also want to be a partner for you in the long term.  But we can also help you discern what you need in the long term.  Our favorite conversations start like this: 

“I know I need to do marketing, but I don’t know where to start” 


Any of these reasons resonate with you? Shoot us an email and let’s talk.