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5 Reasons to hire your own team

August 25, 2021 | Anne Chanski

By now, if you haven’t heard about “The Great Resignation,” you aren’t paying attention. 

The short version: In light of the past year and a half, people are realizing that there is more to life than 60-hour work weeks, white-walled offices, and under-compensation. The result? Employees are walking away from jobs that are not accommodating their new desires—they’re saying adios to corporate and hello to comfort. 

At Symposia, none of these concepts are new, and many of our team members joined within the last year, attracted by our values. Over the next few weeks we will be exploring what the Great Resignation means for marketing and for you. Follow along here and on TikTok at @themarketingintern.

Why hire your own marketing team

As an agency, we are a little biased (sorry, not sorry). We want you to work with us to develop and manage your marketing strategy.. 

However, we have been on both sides of the agency/partner/client relationship and some situations are best suited with an internal team member.  Here are 5 times we encourage people to hire someone for their team rather than work with us: 

You need someone to manage your many contractors and agency partners. 

If you are not in a position to hire all the experts, you need a generalist: someone on your team who can hire and manage your organization’s relationship with contractors and agencies.  

Ideally, this team member would have strong project management skills and enough knowledge about marketing concepts and strategy to ask good questions, review data and insights, and troubleshoot when you run into software issues with your CRM and tech stack. This team member will be relational and also able to execute efficiently.  

Bonus points if they have sales or customer service experience with your organization, so they can help bridge the gap between those departments.

You need an immediate turnaround all the time.

If you are continually needing graphics, materials, or work done within a 24-48 hour turnaround time and you don’t work in professional politics, you should be asking yourself why. We know planning ahead is an essential component of healthy sustainable growth, but not everyone is ready for that. If your organization prefers to run at the last minute and on tight deadlines, you will most likely be frustrated with your agency partner or contractor (and vise versa).

Although it is more expensive, hire an internal team member.

You have the resources to hire multiple experts.

Maybe you are an organization that can afford 2-3 or more experts and has full-time work for multiple team members with specialized skills. If that is the case, then maintaining an agency relationship for excess capacity may be beneficial, but overall you will find that you are better served by internal team members who know your company, brand, and industry well.  

However, don’t fall into the trap of assuming young, inexperienced team members are the same as experts.  As with anything, you get what you pay for, so this works best if you are able to hire people who are truly proficient in the tools you need, such as paid advertising, web coding and development, graphic design, and copywriting. 

You are an incredibly picky artist type who wants things to be *just so*.

 If you find yourself saying things like “But can we move that line over three-quarters of an inch” or “ A little more space between those words, and slightly less saturation…” hire your own personal graphic designer. Every agency on the planet will thank you.  

You want one designated person at your beck and call all the time. 

If you are an organization that feels the need to have someone in your building at all times, and you have enough public relations and content generation work for one full-time person, hire a generalist with copywriting skills. Your agency partners will not be able to be as responsive as a full-time employee (see number 2). Chances are you will still need agency partners and contractors from time to time, but an agency can’t completely replace the feeling of someone in your staff meetings or on your leadership team.  

The Punchline: 

If you are picking up a theme here it’s this: you need someone on your team to think about marketing, even if just to coordinate with any partners or contractors with whom you work. As much as it pains us to admit, there are situations when you are better served by a team member on the inside rather than an agency on the outside. 

Doesn’t sound like you? Peep our blog: 5 Reasons to Hire an Agency.