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People have always been a key factor of how and why we do what we do. As a close-knit team, we treat every aspect of our process personally. This culture informs our approach to all projects and helps us to thrive in our work.

We are a group of individuals with varied specialized skillsets that have been developed over years of experience since the dawn of social media marketing. With diverse backgrounds in work and in life, our combined knowledge allows us to lean on one another to create the best strategies and achieve the best results for our clients. We are proud of the team we are.


Symposia is a digital marketing specialty shop focused on strategy and execution. To our clients, our community and each other, Symposia acts as both mentor and peer. As a team, we lean on one another’s expertise and skills to build digital campaigns that crush it. Together, we create conversations that change minds.



Trust is earned by proving one’s integrity. We work alongside our clients and discuss openly the multiple routes that exist for achieving their goals as well as the challenges to overcome. With honesty and clarity, we believe that Symposia and our clients are on the same team. And we act accordingly.

Conversations that change minds: “We’ll prove it.”



We bring education to all projects. Whether working directly with clients or hosting community workshops, our goal is to not just tell but to show and explain. Learning is key to growth, and our work doesn’t stop at listing what tools to use–it involves showing how those tools work for an organization.

Conversations that change minds: “We’ll teach you.”



We believe in transforming our client’s approach to and relationship with digital. We are the catalysts for this change. We encourage our clients to never settle because we never do. In an ever-evolving climate, we apply our adaptable method to meet our clients’ unique digital goals.

Conversations that change minds: “We are the catalysts.”



We are driven by our desire to help organizations succeed, and rooted in our passion for community. We are excited to explore an organization’s unique paths to success. Always measuring and always improving, we are committed to reaching the next level. It’s in our blood.

Conversations that change minds: “We’re here because of you.”

Our Team

"Digital marketing is the perfect combination of my three favorite things: technology, people, and education."

Symposia’s founder is fueled by his hunger for knowledge and passion for education. The evolving digital landscape keeps Tim fascinated and eager to be ahead of the curve. As the Symposia team can attest, Tim’s positive energy is infectious.

Timothy Haines

Sr. Digital Marketing Strategist and Educator

"Businesses can be a powerful force for good in the world. I love being in a place to help them grow and see the impact they have."

Seth Getz brings his extensive experience in business development to his role as Symposia's COO. Many business leaders in West Michigan are familiar with Seth through his role as a strategist helping organizations succeed and thrive. We're so glad to have him on our team.

Seth Getz

Chief Operations Officer

"I love building relationships with clients to create something special."

Ann has been involved with digital marketing since the early days of brands expanding to social media, having helped shape the digital voice of companies in fields such as tourism, retail, and non-profit. Ann’s foresight and project management help to inform every step of a campaign.

Ann Van Heest

Digital Marketing Project Manager

"I am passionate about learning, and digital marketing is a good teacher as it's a diverse field with so many different avenues."

Baylee helps to keep client projects running smoothly and effectively. From content and PPC to communication and reporting, Baylee is always looking to improve our clients' experiences and loves watching how users interact with marketing.

Baylee Heeringa

Digital Marketing Project Manager

"I don’t always design, but when I do, I do it with the user in mind."

Jake is a designer who's driven by attention to detail and crafting great user experiences. He has an extensive background in branding, typography, and digital design that provides an ideal skill set to lead creative for our clients.

Jake Bradford

Creative Lead

"It's exciting to collaborate with talented people who care deeply about the community."

Kristen has been managing client strategies and all things copy with Symposia since 2014. Steering conversation through copywriting – whether paid media, landing pages, email automation, or more – Kristen enjoys breaking things down and building them back up.

Kristen Haveman

Lead Copywriter

"I’m obsessed with little details and I love seeing final products, anything that ends up looking good as a result of hard work."

As Symposia's administrative marketing assistant, Kara helps keep all aspects of the agency running smoothly behind the scenes. She is an eager learner and loves jumping into different projects whether it's internal communication, event planning, or anything in between.

Kara Wassink

Marketing Assistant

“Seeing a client’s excitement when we solve an issue or better connect with an audience they’ve struggled to reach is extremely fulfilling.”

Emily’s comprehensive background in digital marketing and her passion for strategy drive her work as Symposia’s PPC Specialist. Working closely with data to produce the best optimized results for all campaigns, Emily is a paid media guru.

Emily Kraft

Pay Per Click Specialist


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