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An Intern’s Perspective: Translating Word Vomit Into Clear Copy

July 19, 2019 | Julia Schwark

Writing has consistently been something I enjoy, but I never considered that to be a path worth pursuing for my career. I am studying business, which I always associated more with numbers and dollar signs rather than words and content creation. However, after starting my internship at Symposia and getting the opportunity to work with our copywriter, I have discovered that the digital marketing world of technology offers many more opportunities for creating content than I ever imagined. 

The most obvious opportunity for writing content within the scope of digital marketing is ad copy. It is the copywriter’s job to work hard to capture the voice and message of the client while piquing the interest of the audience with strategically worded ads. This is no small task, and I am eager to develop skills for ad copy.

Ad copy, however, is not the only area that requires a great deal of writing in digital marketing. Website audits, blog posts, and even notes from meetings have given me a plethora of opportunities to exercise my writing skills. Whether it is deciphering pages of miscellaneous notes from meetings and turning them into organized documents of client requests and future action steps, or combing through websites and documenting opportunities for strategic improvements, there are certainly opportunities for writing within the field of digital marketing. 

One of the most challenging tasks with content creation is translating word vomit into copy. Here are the top 3 tips I have learned to help transform jumbled up words into effective content:

  • If the customer cares about it, you care about it. Even if it seems unimportant or irrelevant, our objective is to help our clients so understanding and communicating what they provide their customers is crucial. Sometimes that means including content that you otherwise may not have.
  • Consistency counts. It is important to take the time to learn about your clients. When creating content for them, you want to match their voice and capture their message. 
  • Less is more. Many people are busy and will not take the time to read lengthy advertisements, websites, descriptions, and notes. It is often essential to pare down the information and only display what is really important, in order to keep the attention of your audience. 

With these helpful tips, you can transform any word vomit into copy that people will be excited to read. The digital marketing world needs writers.