15 Signs That Your Digital Marketing Agency Deserves a Red Card

Red Card

Flimsy digital marketing agencies aren’t always easy to recognize. They come decorated with empty buzzwords, unbacked methods, or senseless deliverables. Yes, you want followers. But you need customers. Yes, you hire agencies for their expertise. But they should be able to communicate why Best Practices are just that.

Fret not. Refer to this list we’ve composed of red cards. If two or three of these sound familiar, we have advice. RUN!

 Your digital marketing agency deserves a red card if...

1. You don’t have ownership of your web domain and hosting.

2. You’re missing a username or password to anything.

3. Frequent references to Hubspot.com and Seth Godin are made.

4. You can’t answer the question “How many phone calls did we receive?” or “How many people took action (clicked, purchased, emailed)?” with data from the advertising campaign.

5. Someone created a Facebook page for you then pretended you didn’t need an advertising budget.

6. You’ve never actually seen your Google Analytics and you don’t know how to log into it.

7. You’re preached to exclusively about vanity metrics such as Facebook page likes.

8. You’re told this or that is good for SEO by someone who isn’t actually an SEO expert. (Hint: Designers and developers are rarely SEO experts.)

9. You can’t easily edit your webpage content yourself without advanced training, or worse - you have to pay your developer for every update.

10. Your email newsletter and website are not mobile friendly.

11. You’ve never heard the phrase “Limited keywords are allowed by Google” used in a sentence.

12. You’re working with any “We’re a news media company but we've also mastered the Internet” sort of organization.

13. Someone just offered to rent or sell you an email list.

14. The followers you're attracting don't look like potential customers, donors, stakeholders, or supporters.

15. The words “viral video” are used without air quotes or eye rolls.

Brian Workman