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Join Our Group: Calvin Marketing Professional Network

June 29, 2020

Our first event is Thursday, July 30, at 12pm EST!

For this event, we will be joined by guest speaker Mike Wolf (Calvin class of ‘06) of the Stow Company to share about the experiences he has gained in marketing and the challenges the industry is facing with COVID-19.

Attendees will then have the opportunity to network in small groups through Zoom breakout rooms, offering a chance to connect with a variety of Calvin students, professors, and alumni who are interested or working in marketing.

Stay Connected at Calvin

My name is Nathan Pohl (Calvin ’21). Being home from school right now, I don’t miss studying for tests or the long lines in Commons. But I do miss my friends, hockey, and most importantly, making connections.

Accelerated by COVID-19, many students and alumni alike are experiencing changes when it comes to internships, job offers, and expanding our networks in general. From West Michigan and beyond, it’s so important that we continue to grow in both our personal and professional worlds.

As a student and intern focused in marketing, development, and strategy, I’m always looking to expand my knowledge. With education being one of Symposia’s core values, we’re dedicated to sharing knowledge and resources, and we want to continue this into the greater Calvin marketing network.

With that in mind, we are officially kicking off the Calvin Marketing Professional Network

We have three goals for this group:

1. Connect alumni and students in the marketing space to unite organizations with potential interns, help students find opportunities, and simply make new connections.

2. Share marketing stories of alumni and students, their experiences, how they’ve grown, and how they’re making a positive impact in the world.

3. Strengthen the Calvin University professional marketing community by sharing tools, tips, and resources from experience in the industry to grow as individuals and increase our impact.

Will you join us? 

To start, connect with our LinkedIn group!

We’re excited to announce our first event, and we’ll also be sharing information on how potential interns and organizations can connect for the very first time. 

I’m excited to watch this group grow as we grow and thrive as marketing professionals.

Go Knights!