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Adapting Brick-And-Mortar Stores to a Modern Digital Landscape

Even with active e-commerce, brick-and-mortar businesses use digital in the world of modern shopping to navigate the future of retail. We worked with a brick-and-mortar bookstore with national online sales to increase online conversions and their overall revenue.


Market research report
Persona development
Content conceptualization
Budgets and constraints
Marketing framework
Platform determination (Social media, Google, YouTube)


With ongoing challenges of tough competitors such as Amazon, and emerging trends in digital, our client’s digital leadership team knew they needed to focus on e-commerce sales of their books, gifts, and other products. They were looking for a way to reach new customers and deliver marketing initiatives that aligned with the customer’s interests, desires, and demographics. It was time for a company-wide digital transformation.


Every successful campaign is built upon a well-informed and data-driven marketing strategy. 

Symposia’s first step was to do initial working sessions with their digital team to gain their in-depth knowledge about their customer base. We then dove in with extensive research into their customer data and conduct interviews with various customers to create their marketing personas. 

With this insight, Symposia was able to create a well thought out PPC (pay-per-click) strategy. After the PPC strategy was formed, the campaign needed custom-developed audiences and messaging for each of the appropriate marketing channels. By utilizing existing user demographics and website data, the best possible audiences were created for each unique channel and advertisements could begin moving from concept to production.

With the right audiences and channels determined and a product list ready, Symposia’s creative team got to work on product photography and design for ad concepts. A carefully-styled photo session with all the physical products in the campaign took place with our photographer and designer. The images were used with custom, branded ad designs which would become the backbone of the ad campaign’s visual style.

User and product research, as well as the client’s voice and tone, guided the creation of ad copy. Each ad included specific copy written to reflect the individual product and utilized the audience personas to create compelling, user-specific messaging based on each campaign’s unique needs.

Once the creative (visuals/design) and copy (text) were approved and finalized, we launched the PPC campaigns on their respective channels.

The success of any PPC campaign requires more than simple monitoring. Dynamic creatives were used to quickly identify and optimize the most successful ads. We focused on various audience types to best understand how each audience reacted to the ads and the brand overall.

Using real-time analytics, Symposia’s paid media specialist oversaw and managed each ad variation in the campaigns, measuring and fine-tuning as necessary (including adjusting ad placement, ad spend distribution, creative elements, and more) to achieve total optimization.


Symposia delivered highly successful advertising campaigns from the ground up on Facebook and Instagram which resulted in:

  • A 112% increase in revenue compared with the previous period. 
  • An 84% increase in overall conversion rate 
  • A 189% increase in transactions.

This client continues to command digital success while maintaining their treasured brand and longstanding values. With exhaustive research, pin-point targeting, compelling creative and copy, and the right ad spend budget, they saw a rise in sales like never before.