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Data Driven Domination: How we achieved a 27x greater return on investment

When done well, e-commerce marketing is all about going that extra mile to drive sales by building a connected and cohesive strategy. Creating a data-driven approach, measured by results that are as specific as seeing which products people end up buying from your store, and how they arrive at the point of purchase. At Symposia, we use these key insights to breathe new life into our clients’ marketing strategies; our mindset is focused on digital marketing transformation.


Market research report
User experience strategy
Persona development
Content conceptualization
Sitemap creation
Budgets and constraints
Sales Funnel Optimization
Marketing framework Platform determination (Social media, Google, YouTube)


Our client was looking to freshen up their digital marketing strategy. They needed a more focused game-plan and some dedicated assistance to ramp up their online presence. They were looking to gain a foothold in a fiercely competitive space.


The first step to getting this right was to gather as much insight as possible.

We took a deep-dive into their organic traffic and we realized that Facebook advertising was a platform that they should be leveraging in a way that would boost brand engagement, drive traffic and generate sales.

We paid close attention to the activity taking place on our client’s site, and conducted interviews with sauna customers. Based on these insights, we built the client’s audience personas. This enabled us to further understand the customer’s purchasing behaviors and create more targeted messaging.

With this in hand, we built audiences targeting people who interacted with the website and lookalike audiences similar to the client’s current customers, specifically targeting users who were most likely to convert.  We then launched Facebook catalog ads, augmented with special seasonal campaigns based on the client’s marketing calendar.


Our campaign successfully resulted in the following:

  • Through the use of creative, real time targeting we helped generate an ROI that was 27 times (2,610%) higher than ad spend.
  • Mentioning lifestyle enhancements and the health benefits of saunas led to more conversions than other topics.
    • This includes both body copy and the headline.
    • Copy relating to craftsmanship and length of time in business earned fewer conversions.
  • Mentioning a type of sale – especially describing the size (e.g. “Huge Sale!”) – proved more successful than not mentioning a sale.
    • Increasing the sale percentage also increases sales traffic and overall sales.
  • Including an emoji (playfully, yet professionally) increased ad engagement.
    • Adding an American flag for the Presidents Day sale is an example of this.

Mission accomplished.

After assessing the results of the campaign, we had no doubt that we had surpassed our objectives.

Needless to say, with increased sales and higher engagement rates – we were left with an immensely satisfied client.

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