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Designing for a Mobile Landscape

March 1, 2017 | Ashley Navarre

It’s no secret that people spend hours a day on their phones. Of Facebook’s 1.15 billion daily active users, 56.5% log in only on a mobile device. With information being displayed on small screens, designing clear content for an easy experience is crucial.

A major challenge many companies face is their customers’ aversion to commitment. Until they have experience with a product or service, the average customer is still “shopping around.” Your job as a designer is to focus on connecting a customer’s needs to a business driver. Use design to tell the brand’s story and you’ll connect them to the brand itself, not just a product or service. That’s the relationship. That’s how the door is opened to commitment. Build trust with branded content.

Business design is vastly differently than it was even a decade ago. Designing requires looking at the business as a whole and from many angles. 80% of consumers are more likely to evaluate brands they follow on social media. Creating specific solutions for the brand as opposed to showcasing an isolated product or service, can help a company flourish.

The model for mobile success relies on design skills and experimenting. Simplicity, fluidity, and minimalism are three focal points to drive the best results for most businesses.

Cut the fat and give the customer a well-designed, clear experience.