Are you looking to improve your digital marketing strategy? This audit below is an excellent place to start.

Check through these items and see what’s missing, what needs improvement, and what you can quickly implement and add into your existing digital marketing plan.


☐ Email Layouts

The majority of all emails are opened on a mobile device and a one-column design works best: it’s easy to read on a phone or tablet, increases your open rate, and most importantly, delivers your message to the reader with clarity.

If your email newsletter design is complicated or fancy, our advice is to ditch the old layout and use one column. Focus on creating a well-written email. Keep the design simple and mobile-friendly. You’ll be glad you did when you see click-through rates jump.

☐ Facebook Pixel

Add a Facebook pixel to your website today. Don’t worry about waiting for your full-scale Facebook ad campaign to launch. Get that pixel on there.

Our reasoning? As soon as it’s installed on your site, a Facebook pixel starts building potential retargeting audiences. If you wait another 6 months to install, you’ll miss out on six months' worth of website visitors. The pixel is placed in the header of your website and takes 10 minutes to install regardless of your experience with it.

☐ Thank You Page

Are you missing opportunities by forgetting a Thank You page? As soon as submitting a form on your website, a customized page should appear, thanking the user. (Example:

Not only does this help you track a simple goal of your Google Analytics, but it takes that last opportunity to thank your visitor, increasing their chances of revisiting and converting.

☐ Phone Number

It should take your website visitors a tenth of a second to find how to call you.

Is your phone number in the top right or left corner of the header on every single page? Is it also a hyperlink that allows someone to click and call? If the design doesn’t allow a phone number be added to the header, put it in the footer.

There’s nothing worse than a digital marketing strategy that creates traffic but fails to help that traffic convert. Even if you’re in the SAAS world, having a contact number easily visible is a no-brainer.

☐ Google Tag Manager

Are you using Google Tag Manager (GTM) in addition to Google Analytics?

GTM is an excellent way to get more meaningful data from your website traffic. Do you want to know if they are clicking on a “buy now” button or measure how many times a file is downloaded? Google Tag Manager is a free companion tool to the Google Analytics platform that you can’t afford to go without.

☐ Image Sizes

Email headers, Facebook posts, tweets, pins – they all require different image sizing. Are you sizing your images correctly for the specific channel you’re publishing them to?

There’s nothing that shouts “I don’t know what I’m doing” quite as loudly as a square image being used on a channel that only allows rectangles. Your message will likely be cut off and your content will suffer if you don’t size the posts correctly. The right size for the right place is absolutely key.

☐ Content Focus

If all of your content focuses on you, your company, or your team, then it’s time to rethink your content plan.

One of the biggest mistakes we see on an ongoing basis is marketing that focuses solely on your sales, your events, your special offers and announcements. The aim of your content should be to provide value to your audience. Answer their questions, entertain them, give them a reason to return. Content focused on your one’s own horn rarely accomplishes that.

☐ Check Your Ad Products

Many popular digital ad platforms offer an “easy version of their ad product” that should be avoided at all costs. Facebook offers the boost button and Google has Adwords Express. These products notoriously disappoint at producing ROI. There’s no miracle fix out there. You need the right targeting.

We’ve seen small businesses waste thousands from their budgets on ads that were targeted so poorly it was simply a running faucet. If you’re not targeting with data, turn off your ads and ask a professional to help.

☐ A/B Testing

As kids, we learned in school that testing leads to finding the most effective method.

In its most basic form, A/B testing means holding everything constant with the exception of one variable. Email marketing is a great place to start, as most email programs (such as MailChimp) allow you to easily test two different subject lines on your email list. A/B testing across all of your channels, whenever you’re able to, will allow you to make 5-15% jumps in open rate, conversion rate, and so forth. Often it doesn’t even take more than 10 extra minutes to run an A/B test.

☐ Branded Content

Does your audience easily connect your content with your brand?

The simple step of adding a logo or any appropriate branding to a social media post goes a long way. As the “noise” on social media gets louder and louder, branded content stands out, creates consistency, and helps tie that content to your business or organization. Branding is like an extension of your voice. Use it and you will be heard.

Trying to take your digital marketing efforts to the next level?

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