Facebook Ads Case Study


Turning $213 into $2500 with Facebook Ads

How a culinary client acquired new customers with laser focused targeting and efficient ad spend.

The Story

A local business who specializes in culinary education sells cooking classes through their website.

This startup business was only a few years old and had already built up a strong word-of-mouth following by offering a quality product that filled a need in the market.

They had built relationships with local farms and sourced their classes with a variety of natural ingredients. Their team of expert chefs would craft a delicious menu specific for each class and they had an array of positive customer reviews.  

It had been a good first couple of years, but it was time to make a concentrated effort forward.

They had been doing a good job building an email list over the years and focused their in-house marketing efforts on driving repeat customers through email. This had been going fairly well, but like most startup businesses, finding the balance between focusing on repeat customers and acquiring new customers was a challenge. Nobody wants to fatigue their email list.

The primary goal was driving overall sales, but new customer acquisition was a major focus and the strategy deployed was created with that in mind.

The Goal

  1. Be as efficient as possible with the limited ad spend.
  2. Acquire new customers.
  3. Drive as many total conversions at the lowest cost possible.

Our Process

The beauty of marketing digitally is you no longer have to utilize “spray and pray” marketing tactics. We work hand-in-hand with businesses to build precise campaigns that meet specific needs.

This campaign was in Q4, so we knew we were operating in a highly competitive time. Facebook’s ad inventory was going to be limited and our customers were being exposed to more ads than at any other time of year. 

It was key for us to really understand the client’s ideal customer. What are they interested in? What puts them in a mood to buy? Where do they spend their free time? 

As digital marketers, we love getting in the weeds with clients to understand all of the context surrounding both their business and their customers. 

Because the client had a strong email list already, we utilized that asset and uploaded the list into Facebook as a Website Customer audience. We also created a Lookalike audience based on the email list. The Lookalike audience was key in getting our targeting laser focused. 

Here is the exact targeting used…


Layering specific interests on top of a Lookalike Audience is a great tactic that almost any business can utilize. The key is to have an email list of current customers as a jumping off point.

The second most important factor when running Facebook ads is the offer.

It’s crucial to frame it in a way that appeals to your customer’s problems and positions your product as the solution. Here is the offer we used:


Because of the limited ad spend, it was also vital for us to utilize Facebook’s carousel ads. It allows you to feature a different product for each card. Facebook users were able to scroll through a variety of different class types and find the ones that were right for them.

If we had forced people to leave Facebook in order to see what other options were available, then there would have been too much friction involved and this campaign would have tanked.

With Facebook ads, it’s important to remember that it’s frequently the tiniest things that drive the biggest results.

The Results

  • Amount Spent: $213.77
  • Impressions: 66,203
  • Link Clicks: 1,133
  • Conversions: 57
  • Cost Per Conversion: $3.75
  • Revenue Generated: $2,570.90

When done correctly, Facebook ads can have a dramatic impact on almost any business. This campaign led to 57 new product purchases worth $2,570.79.

Luckily for this business, it didn’t end there. Cooking classes at their core are a very social experience. Most people don’t sign up for a cooking class on their own. On average every person who bought a cooking class through this Facebook ad also purchased one additional class registration on top of their own.

This led to a total of 114 class registrations and a whopping $5,141.58 worth of revenue generated!


With smart ad spending and targeting (and a little organic boost) the client achieved their goals: To be as efficient as possible with the limited ad spend, acquire new customers, drive conversions at the lowest cost possible.


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