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Join Our Group: Hope Marketing Professional Network

March 10, 2020 | Timothy Haines

Our Alma Mater

Sometimes I wish I was back at school, strolling through the Pine Grove on my way to class. I learned a lot in college and made even more memories. While I don’t miss the homework and essays, I love that learning and connecting with people doesn’t stop after four years are up. 

When I graduated from Hope College in 2008, I had a BA in Sociology and I thought that I’d be a teacher or an accountant. Three years later, I realized that my true calling in life was marketing – a space that allowed for me to combine my fascination with technology, my heart for education, and my obsession with the way groups of people think.

But how to get a job in this world? I used LinkedIn to find Hope alumni and I cold-emailed them begging for coffee and advice. My calendar filled up, and my freelancing career was born. Eight years later, I have an entire business (Symposia) built around this career path.

Education is one of our core values. We’ve led marketing workshops, hosted networking events, and even taught a couple of digital marketing bootcamps for current Hope students. We’re dedicated to sharing knowledge and resources, and we want to continue this into the greater Hope marketing network.

With that in mind, we are officially kicking off the Hope Marketing Professional Network group! 

We have three goals for this group:

1. Connect alumni and students in the marketing space to unite organizations with potential interns, help students find opportunities, and simply make new connections.

2. Share marketing stories of alumni and students, their experiences, how they’ve grown, and how they’re making a positive impact in the world.

3. Strengthen the Hope College professional marketing community by sharing tools, tips, and resources from experience in the industry to grow as individuals and increase our impact.

Will you join us? 

To start, connect with either our Facebook group or LinkedIn group (or both)! 

We’ve already had our first (successful!) event and we’ll also be sharing information on how potential interns and organizations can connect for the very first time. 

I’m excited to watch this group grow as we grow and thrive as marketing professionals.

Go Hope!