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We believe that if you fully understand the strategy and goals of marketing in the digital world, you will be a stronger organization, company, business.

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Changing the Way We Think About Values One Napkin at a Time
You know what every business owner I’ve ever spoken to wants? Growth. They want to grow personally. They want to grow their business. They want to grow their mission. They want to grow their team. When I close my eyes, I always imagine new businesses as a little sapling growing in the forest. Many want […]
Let’s Share Stories, I’ll Go First
I hate writing because to write is to be vulnerable. I’m going to write this down because it seems like the riskiest thing to do. If risk isn’t your particular brand of vodka, then we probably shouldn’t be friends and you can spend your time reading something else — don’t worry, we’ll be so generous […]
Website Design Crash Course
You have a message to communicate to your audience. In a world where technology is moving so fast, website design can feel complicated. We can help. Let’s start with a crash course in web design. Web Design Key Insights Begin with user experience in mind In order to understand web design, we must first understand […]
2021 Marketing Trends
Symposia Lab’s founder, Tim Haines, had the opportunity to speak with a friend and Hope College alum, Carolyn Buck. Carolyn currently works at Foresight Management in Grand Rapids — a firm that does energy efficiency and sustainability consulting to help accelerate a company’s journey toward sustainability. Carolyn’s personal journey to this position has involved 11 […]
Virtual Marketing Job Fairs
January 5-13, 2021 Start 2021 with the virtual event you WON’T want to miss In the midst of a year unlike any other (to say the least), we hope this is something fun. Something different. Something helpful. What’s a Virtual Job Tour? We’re so glad you asked. We’re virtually traveling across the US to 6 […]
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#ContinueChange Podcast Series Episode 11: Scaling Up During Crazy Time
#ContinueChange Podcast Series Episode 10: Wearing Many Hats? The Essential Nonprofit Perspective
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