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Making Design a Priority

May 31, 2017 | Ashley Navarre

All marketing campaigns include a design element, so companies planning a campaign should not leave the design for last. Designers can help achieve marketing success through creative efforts in every step of the process. Marketing is more successful when the design approach is strong, relatable, and focused. Leverage the creative process, as well as the knowledge and skills of your designer, and accomplish your goals together.

Find Inspiration & Follow Trends

Good designers help businesses achieve success by staying up to date on their skills as well as best practices and current trends. Focus on what’s coming next in the design world with a few areas of focus:

·      Internet searches: It’s a no-brainer. Search online to investigate topics related to your project. Blog posts and news articles are all at your fingertips pointing designers to success.

·      Social media: Social accounts are great resources for designers to find information quickly and accurately. Jump down the hashtag rabbit hole on Instagram or Twitter – inspiration is waiting! Identify influencers and keep an eye on their work.

·      Networking face-to-face: Stay current with changes in design by attending networking events and seminars at both a local and regional/national level. Maintain professional contacts within the industry and use your network to help answer questions and give your client or employer the cutting-edge design they’re looking.

·      Leverage the industry: Organizations like AIGA (American Institute for Graphic Arts) sends out weekly emails to its members and provides in-person training that designers are sure to find helpful.

Use Your Toolbox

Companies usually draw on statistics, survey data, or even focus groups on finding where to direct their marketing dollars. Gain access to this data and use it to help inform the direction of your design. A good digital designer will connect the dots between proper design principles and the power of data to create a total package marketing effort.

Achieving Success

When design is a priority from the start, the client and the designer can work together to achieve success. The most successful and powerful innovations stem from three main branches:

– what appeals to consumers
– what technology allows
– the marketing goal

The digital frontier today seems endless, and a good designer creates a seamless interaction between brand and consumer. Ultimately, design drives the success of digital marketing for any company.

By applying this knowledge and process to your design and marketing efforts, you will be a relevant and powerful creative commodity.