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M@rk&t!ng is not a Dirty Word for Churches

November 1, 2020 | Anne Chanski

by Anne Chanski, Project Manager/Experienced Church Leader

Five years ago, I left politics for ministry and I took the skills and tools I had been using to promote candidates and used them to share the gospel. A lot of people told me I was crazy. Email didn’t matter, Facebook was a “nice to have” and the only ads worth buying were in the newspaper. 

Then COVID-19 happened.

Overnight, our building was closed and the ONLY way we could reach people  was through social media, text messaging, and our website. Then we re-opened, and not only did only a fraction of our congregation return, only a fraction stayed engaged online.

Forbes recently published an article that showed how the average person’s digital content use has nearly doubled this year; that’s 3-6 hours a day on their phones, computers and other devices. But the fact is, engagement in spiritual growth isn’t a “given” anymore. We can’t assume that “if we build it they will come” to church. We have to meet people where they are.

And that takes marketing. It takes understanding who you are trying to reach, where you can find them, and what will encourage them to show up.

Businesses, politicians, and nonprofits have all done this for years. They ensure that their website helps people find their services. They make sure people can find their website, and they don’t wait for people to come to them. They get their message out, in ads, social media, and promoted content in digital music and video platforms.  So when COVID-19 happened, instead of “waiting for it to be over,” I reached out to Tim and the Symposia team.

Together, we created this church marketing package as a first step for churches ready to stick their toe into marketing waters. It sets you up with the tools you need to invite your community to come to church this Christmas.

This package is a great place to start, but it can’t be where it ends. We need to take the message of hope and life beyond the walls of our building. We need to go where people are. And people are online.

If you are ready to take the next step in marketing – or if you prefer – “digital evangelism”, then let’s talk. Schedule a meeting with us or email me directly:

Here are the full details of our church marketing package:

Symposia Labs is an established digital marketing agency with expertise in making an impact for churches. This custom Christmas package is designed to make the planning and execution of a Christmas marketing campaign simple for you in addition to generating great attendance for your event.


  • Conversation 1: A session with Anne Chanski and Tim Haines:
    • Define attendance goals
    • Define target audience for the campaign
    • Answer outstanding questions about church and community demographics
    • Finalize specific list of deliverables from Symposia and confirm cost
    • Lay out checklists for the church employees/ministry team
  • Conversation 2: A creative meeting
    • Provide art direction/creative direction for Christmas artwork
  • (Optional) Conversation 3: Marketing next steps to connect new attendees to your church


  • Execution calendar with deliverable dates from Symposia and your team’s responsibilities
    • Includes a social media calendar for your scheduler
  • Digital graphics package(s) – See graphics list below
    • Option 1: We make it all – you give us specifics of the things you need for your promo and event – we produce it all.
    • Option 2: We make most of it – you receive fonts, source files for your in-house graphics team to created additional materials as needed

Graphics List

  • Content: What, when, why
    • Instagram story
    • Instagram GIF (animated)
    • Instagram square
    • Slide: 16:9 or 4:3
    • Slide for other sized screen as needed
    • You Version Image
  • *Potential* printed materials:
    • Program
    • Poster
    • Invite cards
  • Content: Simple graphic – name/logo
    • Facebook cover photo (640×360)
    • Slide: 16:9 or 4:3
    • Slide for other sized screen as needed
    • Email header (1183×435)
    • You Version image
    • Optional: exterior digital sign
    • Blank slides/background slides (size varies)
  • Content (varies):
    • Creative for social media graphics
    • Email blast
So let’s talk! Schedule a meeting with us or email me directly: