Grand Rapids Mini Sessions

Grab lunch with Symposia this summer and get the low-down on digital trends that are useful for your business. Register and we’ll see you at Atwater Brewery in Grand Rapids.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn’s advertising platform is far more robust than ever. With recent updates to its platform including interest-based targeting and lookalike audiences, now is a great time to explore LinkedIn ads, particularly for B2B organizations. Together over the lunch hour, we’ll cover recent changes to LinkedIn’s ad platform, detailed examples of audience targeting and ad placement, the LinkedIn Conversion Pixel, and recommendations for creative content that performs well on LinkedIn.

Text Message Marketing

As millennials and their successors spend increasing time on their phones, text message response rates continue to skyrocket. Many businesses with email marketing strategies should look at whether to also pursue SMS marketing. We’ll take an honest look at its strengths and challenges, and you’ll learn how to create and implement a successful SMS marketing campaign.

Website Optimization for Digital Marketing and UX

A key component to a successful conversion is an optimized website and user experience. Your customer’s experience should be smooth whether it’s a marketing campaign or website journey. Do you know if your website doing its job when it comes to conversions? We’ll walk through the Google Tag Manager, examples where website optimization was more critical than PPC, five DIY tests to troubleshoot a low website conversion rate, and our favorite tools for A/B split testing.

Snapchat Advertising

Snapchat’s robust ad platform continues to improve marketing reach capabilities to its 190 million daily users. With options including Collection Ads and versatile ad formats, we’ll explore Snapchat’s advertising opportunities, challenges, and recommendations.