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Start With a Strategy Session

Wherever your organization falls on the spectrum of digital marketing knowledge, our Strategy Session is designed to be the perfect place to begin. Our philosophy is that a clearly-defined strategy lays the foundation for a successful digital marketing campaign.

Through personalized discussions that go beyond just brainstorming, our team will collaborate with yours to develop an executable digital marketing strategy for your business and industry. With in-depth research, honesty and transparency, we customize the experience to fit your needs. Let’s develop your new digital marketing plan, together.

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Even if you’re unfamiliar with digital marketing or have minimal experience, our Strategy Session will help you decide what your plan should be moving forward and how to get there.


For those who want to take their existing digital marketing strategy to the next level, our toolkit will challenge the way you’re measuring and tracking your results and how you’re allocating your ad spend.

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Conversation Topics

Sales Funnel

The Sales Funnel

Whether you call it a funnel, cycle, pipeline, or process, you have one. It’s the route a prospect takes to become a customer, and is critical in building a successful strategy. Optimize your sales funnel, and you optimize your customer’s journey.

Personas and Content Buckets

Content Buckets and Personas

Content marketing works best when organized around personas, which are your different types of potential customers with their own unique interests. We’ll work to define personas and develop a strategy based on content best curated just for them.



What story are you trying to tell? The message is critical but so is the media. Once we know the message, we’ll collect assets and learn the importance of defining constraints in order to know what you can accomplish.

Let's Stay

Ongoing Ongoing

Ongoing Partnership

We love to partner with teams beyond their Strategy Sessions as continued relationships. In fact, it’s our core focus. This allows us to integrate our team with yours and function as if we were your in-house digital team.

We will work with you to manage and execute your entire customized digital marketing strategy.

We establish a reporting process that works best for your, whether through personalized monthly video reports or getting into the weeds with Google Data Studio. Together, we’ll determine the integral metrics, implement a comprehensive strategy to maximize your ROI, and work together to build the right system to help your business transcend in the digital game.

Project Project


Got a project? We have extensive experience working with businesses who are looking to generate leads with a limited-run campaign, nonprofits aiming to increase end-of-year donations, brands promoting a website launch, and many other short-term or quarterly projects.

We invite you to tell us about your organization’s upcoming project and we’ll explore the ways in which we can help.

What We Provide

  • Campaign strategy
  • Basic tracking set-up (e.g. Google Tag Manager)
  • One landing page for your website (including copy, creative, and code)
  • One Pay-Per-Click channel (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Google Adwords, or Pinterest)
  • One email marketing blast (including copy, creative, and code)
  • 3-5 ads (including copy and creative)
  • 5 days of planning and set-up, 25 days of campaign management and execution
  • Campaign report and list of recommendations based on data and results
Price: $10,000 (plus ad spend)

Sharing Our Stories

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