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Taking Christmas Digital: Getting the Word Out & Promoting Christmas in the Digital Age

September 2, 2020

Has your invite process depended on paper handouts in the past? You are not alone. These experts will share the marketing and promotion tools you should be learning about now so you can use them at Christmas.

Hosted by Anne Chanski


Kathy Craig – Kathy brought her marketing expertise as a senior manager at Whirlpool to her mid-sized church for the past 10 years. Kathy helped her church use marketing strategies to reach her community and helped her church transition to an outsourcing communications model. She brings decades of marketing and communications expertise to the Kingdom.

Jessica Berens – Jessica has spent almost 5 years as a digital marketing manager in the church scene. She works with churches ranging in size from 150 on a Sunday to over 3,000, focusing on social media engagement, quality web design, and what’s next in Church communications.

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