Symposia Labs works with large and small businesses at national and local levels, as well as municipal organizations, to advance their online presence through social media strategy and training. The Symposia Labs team brings enthusiasm and expertise to one-on-one and team training sessions, which focus on topics such as SEO, digital curation, and digital marketing budgeting and processes.

Frequently asked questions: 

  1. Where can I find a beginner's guide to social media?

  2. What's the number one research study out there for social media?

  3. What are the latest sizes for social media images?

  4. What are the latest demographics for various social media channels?

  5. Do you have a guide to writing a content strategy?

  6. What are some basic social media best practices?

  7. Do you have a cheatsheet for writing headlines?

  8. How do I make sure I'm formatting my social media posts correctly?

  9. What’s the difference between Hootsuite, BufferApp, and Sproutsocial? 

Our favorite links and tools: 

  • The ultimate content research tool. Allows you to find the most relevant articles based on internet engagement.
  • Moat.comSee what banner ads your competitors are running and learn what sites they are advertising on. Handy for research. 
  • Our personal favorite when it comes to Social Media management software. Handles things simply without fluff. 
  • Google URL Builder: If you're running any ad campaigns online, you absolutely have to use this. 
  • Moz LocalGet control of your local listings. Has some excellent DIY options. 
  • Yext.comGet control of your local listings instantly. A bit more expensive than Moz, but gets the job done fast and keeps things in sync.
  • Clicktotweet.comAdd simple buttons to your website or email that use “click to tweet.”
  • Twitfox.comAuto favorite tweets based on keywords. Can be a great tool if used cautiously. 
  • Online training, including videos explaining Google Analytics & Facebook ads in detail. 

  • Copyblogger.comGreat resource for learning more about content marketing.
  • Google TrendsResearch target audiences and keywords.
  • Google AnalyticsNeed to set this up with your website first. A tool that offers amazing audience insights as well as other data.  
  • Content Explorer: An excellent tool for finding content that might be useful for curation and inspiration purposes. 
  • Compfight.comThis tool allows you to easily search and credit royalty free images from Flickr that fall under the “creative commons” license and are therefore free to use. If you’re looking for free images, make sure you select “creative commons” on the left hand side as it also searches commercial images.
  • Purchase high quality images for just $1! You can buy one image at a time and don’t have to commit to a monthly fee.
  • PicMonkey: Image editing without photoshop. 
  • InfoGram: Create custom infographics without using photoshop. 
  • ClipConverterDownload YouTube videos as .mp4s so that you can upload them to Facebook as a Facebook video. 
  • Hashtag research for Twitter and beyond. 
  • Social MentionSocial media research and analysis based on mentions. 
  • EdgeRankChecker.comFacebook page analysis that goes deep.
  • FollowerWonk.comTwitter audience analysis.
  • Social media analysis.
  • Instagram analytics.
  • Tweepi.comTwitter following tool.
  • Manageflitter.comTwitter following tool.
  • SproutSocial: Pretty UI and reports for social media management. Don't miss out on their non-profit discount. 
  • Create engaging landing pages, contest forms, and more.
  • Woobox.comProgram for social media contests and other campaigns. (They have a great Pin It To Win It app!)
  • Resource for creating marketing campaigns.  
  • Heyo Cart : Allow Facebook fans to purchase items by simply leaving a comment on your Facebook post.
  • Facebook Business Manager: Resource for managing pages and advertisements.
  • Power Editor: a Facebook advertising tool designed for larger advertisers who want to create, edit, and publish multiple ads at once. 
  • 20Percent Rule: Ensure that you're meeting Facebook's guidelines about text on your image. 
  • PicMonkey: an excellent alternative to Photoshop for editing photos and collages.
  • Canva: easily create photo and text layouts. Inexpensive stock photos and icons available. 
  • Vsco.camSmartphone app / Great for Instagram. 
  • PhontoSmartphone app / Great for Instagram, adding text to photos. 
  • SnapWidget: Easily add Instagram feeds to your website.
  • WriteMaps: Helps you make sitemaps and gather content.
  • Gliffy: Easily create sales funnels and other diagrams.

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