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Social Media Omnipresence: Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Necessarily Mean You Should

April 10, 2017 | Kristen Haveman

As Ian Malcolm said in Jurassic Park, “…your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn’t stop to think if they should.”

Surely we aren’t speaking of toying with evolution here, but it feels accurate.

“We should obviously be on Facebook, right?” The answer is projected as the question is being asked. It’s as though that particular platform is the default for every retailer, every B2B business, every non-profit, every community event. While Facebook proves time and again its power, the fact is not every organization needs to be in every place.

For example, many B2B businesses can achieve conversion success by focusing their digital marketing efforts on places like Google and LinkedIn. Facebook is not always the basket for all the eggs.

This is not to say that a platform like Instagram can’t be a powerful tool for B2B companies like Hootsuite. The popular social media management dashboard utilizes Instagram for recruitment and brand awareness. Theirs is the kind of account with photos you might scroll past in your feed and mistake for a friend’s personal account. It’s fun, friendly, and it personalizes their team and their business.

I once worked for an organization that wanted to make up for a lack in digital marketing budget by jumping onto every social media platform available. Of course, you should aim to reach the audience where they are. But what you don’t want is to find that you’ve wasted precious resources chasing after teens on Snapchat when your intended audience is already engaged with you, right where you are. Saturation isn’t the key; great content on the right platform is.

Keep the vision of your goals in focus. Research where your audience is. Discuss with your team what your resources are, and use your findings to allocate your digital marketing efforts.

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