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Symposia Marketing Residency Program

Looking to start your career? Need a change of scenery? Our Residency Program could be right for you! Gain real-life digital marketing experience in a fast paced agency environment.

Which residency type is right for you?

Junior Residency


  • For college students
  • You can receive pay, credit, or if your institution allows, both
  • 3-month long minimum, up to 12 months if you are invited to return

Marketing Residency

  • For literally anyone
  • You will receive a commission on the sales you facilitate
  • Project-based and roughly 3 months long

Senior Residency

  • For the marketing professional, this is the first step to a full-time position at Symposia
  • This will be a full-time position with full benefits
  • 6 months long, and may start at any time

Why Symposia?

  • Our people

    are freaking amazing. They are what allows Symposia to succeed at its mission. They have experiences across a vast array of industries and expertises. Design, code, email automations, copywriting – a vast array of skills are represented, and we will expose you to as many as possible.

  • One-on-ones

    are such an important part of Symposia. Alex Tillard, Tim Haines, and various other members from the team will meet with you one-on-one strategically on an ongoing basis. We’ll be available when you encounter roadblocks or need to get a question answered.

  • You will have a mentor

    assigned to you, and that mentor will be responsible for meeting with you weekly to check in with you and help you navigate your new role.

  • Teaching

    is something that sometimes requires intentionality: with this in mind, you’ll be invited to an ongoing lecture series led by Tim Haines, your CEO. Your mentor and others from the team may also attend these lectures.

  • Self-guided learning

    is something that we expect all Symposia residents to strive for at all times. We understand that podcast subscriptions, books, and online courses all cost money. This is why for Senior Residents we’ve set aside a $2,000 budget during your time here to make sure that we can cover the costs and reimburse you for anything that you need. Pre-approval is required on a case-by-case basis, but we are happy to cover the costs and would like to spend money helping you get your hands on as many resources, certificates, training, and materials as possible.

  • We hire for culture, not for skill

    and we are committed to doing the hard work required to build a culture that is an accurate reflection and representation of Symposia’s identity, which is outlined here.

  • We have a virtual ecosystem

    that allows our team to function with flexibility so that they can live their best possible lives. This ecosystem is something we’ve been building for almost ten years (it is optimized and improved on an ongoing basis).

Take the plunge!

Spring 2021 Junior Residency Program Application

What to expect...if accepted.

You will meet with a member of our team for an “interview” and given a small project to show off what you know now.

Junior and Marketing Residents will have a second interview with a member of our sales and marketing team to discuss the specific role they would be interested in on our team.

Senior Residents will have a more extensive interview process and test project - but we can talk more about that in your first interview. The process will depend on the department you will be working in.