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Welcome Aboard: Life Lessons and Joining a Digital Team

March 16, 2017 | Timothy Haines

[Originally in an onboarding email]

Welcome aboard! A few pieces of encouragement and advice as you head into your first full week:

You’ll do a million different things – and there are lessons in all of them.
Even the most mundane tasks will come in handy somewhere down the road. If starting my own business has taught me anything, it’s that nothing happens without the details. Life runs on phone calls, appointments, and logistics that are not always exciting, but the lessons they provide could become the most important.

Excellence outshines speed.
Triple checking, proofreading, pausing to consider how to make your work its most exceptional – all of this is worth the time and energy it demands. Whether it’s losing time to redo your work or regretting the route you took, the real world never fails to make us pay for moving too quickly. Your best work will always eclipse your fastest results.

One of the most important things that you’ll ever learn is how to teach yourself.
Don’t be afraid to ask Google, to watch YouTube videos, to tinker and to experiment. That’s how we figure stuff out. There is no shortage of information out there so if you find a better way of doing something, share it! We are always learning.

We have a lot to learn from you.
You are bringing fresh perspective to the table. Don’t be afraid to share your ideas or how to think differently. The great thing about working with a team is that new ideas and feedback can actually shape the way we do things.

Remember that what we do matters.
Sometimes what we’re doing will help someone sell a car. Sometimes it will help a non-profit reach people in Rwanda with clean water. Whatever the service or product or message, we’re making an impact on someone, somewhere. The business owner and the consumer are individuals with their own personal stories. Even if all we do is make someone’s day a bit better by responding to them quickly or sending them what they need in the mail, it all matters.