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Whiteboard Friday: Website Forms

April 12, 2018 | Ann Van Heest

Welcome to Symposia Labs’ Whiteboard Fridays! In episode 1, we explore website contact forms and some tips to maximize their use on your website. Have questions? Drop us a line.


The Basics

How does the form look?

  • Does it match the look and feel of your website? Make sure the form is legible!
  • Make sure there aren’t too many fields – don’t overwhelm the user by asking for unnecessary information.
  • Make sure the user knows what will happen when they click submit! Will they receive an email? A phone call? A free download?

When the form data is submitted, who receives it?

  • Make sure you know who is getting the forms! This is a common place for a disconnect, so make sure you have a good internal process.

What’s the expected turn around for response?

  • Will users receive automated responses or an automated “drip feed?” What if they receive a personal response- does that supersede automation? (Make sure you phone or in-person communication doesn’t add confusion with an automated series.)

What if someone leaves their job?

  • If form responses are going into a single person’s email, make sure there is redundancy so that employee turnover or even just vacation are covered.

Use a CRM

  • It’s very helpful to have a CRM that sorts leads if you get over a certain amount. We use Insightly.


  • Dealing with spam: have a captcha requirement on the form to minimize spam, but make sure it’s not too confusing for actual users to understand.

The Forms Themselves

Make the Call to Action is always “above the fold” on your website – you want your users to know what they’re being asked to do with minimal scrolling.

Should I have two forms on one page? No!

In Conclusion

We hope that this overview is a helpful overview of the best ways to use forms on your website, and keep your sales funnel working properly. Make sure to contact us with any questions!