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Why Marketing?: Amanda Stevenson of Versiti

August 12, 2019 | Amanda Stevenson

Our “Why Marketing?” series gives industry leaders a chance to speak about the importance of marketing.

Amanda Stevenson works in content creation for Versiti Blood Center of Michigan. Versiti is a leader in innovative blood health solutions. They integrate science, medicine, and service to improve patient outcomes and reduce the cost of care for hospitals.

Amanda spoke with us about why digital marketing is a necessity, particularly for a nonprofit such as Versiti. “A lot of people think marketing is easy and that anyone can be good at it, but it takes the right people to do marketing effectively.”

One of the challenges Versiti faces as a nonprofit is acquiring the unique donations required for the organization to thrive. Instead of just asking for money, they need blood donors. It can be much more complicated to find people willing to donate their time and body rather than just money sent online with the click of a button. Digital marketing has to show people how they are helping, who they are helping, and why it is important. Amanda understands that a good digital marketer needs to tell a story that matters.