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Why Marketing?: CJ DeVries of GR Now

August 7, 2019 | CJ DeVries

Our “Why Marketing?” series gives industry leaders a chance to speak about the importance of marketing.

GR Now is the go-to place for keeping up with all things Grand Rapids. For the latest on events, restaurants, and entertainment in GR, check out their website or join the 70,000+ community on their Facebook page.

CJ DeVries, owner of GR Now, talks about why digital marketing is essential for the success of her company. Digital marketing strategy allows the business to use real-time data to predict what their readers want so GR Now can deliver excellent content. Because of digital strategy, CJ’s readers looking for content about picnics will see that content in the summertime when it’s appropriate. When implemented correctly, digital marketing allows people in a community to express themselves, helping GR Now to connect with their audience.