Elliot Talen, Director of Sales and Marketing

Leisure Living Management

Our “Why Marketing?” series gives industry leaders a chance to speak about the importance of marketing.

Elliot Talen is the Director of Sales and Marketing for Leisure Living Management in Grand Rapids. The company is a senior housing provider in a growing industry. Elliot says the increased competition means that they have to be able to share their story more broadly with people who need their services.

With this growth, Elliot has been able to transition the organization’s marketing efforts into the digital space. He says that there is, “a common misconception that seniors are not online, but the new wave of older adults are engaging with [Leisure Living Management] digitally.” His duties are to ensure that the content delivered to them is accessible and done so in a meaningful way.

Marketing is crucial to the success of businesses because if they can’t reach potential customers where they are, in their space, then those customers are never going to be able to access the services they need. As more and more people are living online, the transformation into digital is proving to be a necessary and beneficial one.