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Why Marketing?: Hillary Hovinga of Greater Ottawa County United Way

November 14, 2019 | Hillary Hovinga

Our “Why Marketing?” series gives industry leaders a chance to speak about the importance of marketing.

Hillary Hovinga has been a marketing professional in many different industries. She has worked in banking, travel, non-profit, and for herself as an entrepreneur. With her experience, Hillary understands the importance of marketing across industries.

Marketing helps organizations deliver the right message to the right audience to drive business growth. It’s an integral part of connecting with your customers. Whether it’s using digital marketing tools like Sprout for social media, Google Analytics to track and report, or the user-friendly email marketing platform Constant Contact, each offers the ability to provide more targeted messages.

Hillary enjoys utilizing digital marketing in her current non-profit role, as it gives her the ability to reach a broader audience to further their mission. Whether they’re in need of volunteers or advocates for a cause, marketing creates an impact in so many ways.