Current Workshops


Email marketing is so much more than monthly newsletters! In this intensive workshop, we'll focus on opportunities for email marketing before and after leads enter your sales funnel. We'll be focusing on MailChimp, but the best practices and strategic discussions will be applicable to any email marketing effort regardless of what tool you're using to get the job done. 

  • Tips for creating an email marketing strategy
  • Designing a customized HTML template
  • Cleaning, organizing, and maintaining your email list
  • Ideas for email drips and email automation 
  • Growing your email list with lead magnets 
  • Ideas for other email marketing campaigns
  • Integrating your email marketing efforts with social media and offline campaigns
  • Mistakes to avoid 
  • Email marketing best practices


Is your business or organization leveraging the power of paid social media? In this intensive workshop, we'll discuss what paid social media is, how to decide if it makes strategic sense, and how to build a paid social media strategy that fits your needs.

  • Organic vs. paid social: the reality
  • Understanding the difference between Facebook ads and Google Adwords
  • Deciding if paid social could make sense for your goals
  • Potential budgets for ad spend
  • Targeting options and differences between platforms
  • Tips for potential goals and tracking
  • Mapping out your sales funnel
  • Tracking ROI

Archived Workshops


This hands-on workshop will look beyond the basics of Facebook and will focus on advanced features and tools. We'll also show you how to get started with advertising on Facebook. We will explore strategies for creating unique and engaging ads, maximizing ROI, and driving traffic from Facebook to blogs and websites. In addition, you'll learn how to integrate Facebook with your other marketing strategies such as email marketing, SEO, and blog. 


As a member of various LinkedIn groups, are you establishing yourself as a thought leader? Do you publish articles and participate in discussions? What are the top three things that truly connect you with your current and potential customers via LinkedIn? This workshop will focus on B2B users who want to leverage LinkedIn for generating leads. This workshop is over, but you can view the video below. 


Google Analytics is an incredibly robust, free tool for measuring web traffic data. In this workshop, you’ll get to know the basics of using Google Analytics to track and evaluate performance and draw insights to improve your business. Starting with basic terminology and key metrics, you’ll build a foundation of knowledge before diving deeper into more complex analytics techniques, including advertising tracking and custom segments. You’ll walk away with a fundamental understanding of Google Analytics’ role in running and operating your business. This workshop is over for summer, but you can click the button below to view the video.